Who We Help

Our Clients, Even When They Share The Same Specialty, Never Share The Same Needs.

We have found larger practices tend to have dedicated personnel to handle things such as paying the practice bills, payroll or credentialing and re-credentialing. Those practices take full advantage of our medical billing service while they handle their administration affairs in-house.

Likewise, we have smaller clients with limited manpower. Those clients tend to benefit greatly by allowing MBO to handle their accounts payables, credentialing, payroll, and various software programs in addition to our medical billing service expertise. Adding the additional services we offer truly makes MBO their own business office, cuts their overhead expenses and allows them to focus more on their patient care.

We Help The Following Practices:

Medical Offices including Solo Practice, Group Practice, Hospital Based Groups and IDTF Technical Component.

MBO helps you balance Patient Care and Billing


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