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A Little Bit About Medical Business Office, Inc.

MEDICAL BUSINESS OFFICE, INC. (MBO) first opened its doors in 1985 and continues to provide superb billing services to its clients.

MBO offers a suite of fully-integrated, end-to-end services such as EHR, Patient Appointment Scheduling, Electronic Insurance Verification and a complete billing package. We let the practice do what they do best, they let us do the rest!

We Are Great At What We Do, Here Are Just A Few Reasons

  • Our clients generally experience a 15-25 percentage point increase in revenues when compared to their previous billing arrangement(s).
  • Our system guarantees 95% first-pass claims acceptance. Compare this to the national average of 70%!
  • Our service produces better than national average in A/R days. This means the provider is paid faster!
  • Our system will reduce practice expenses by eliminating IT costs, employee turn-over and absenteeism. We will not request a raise or ask for company paid benefits.
  • With our Medical Billing Company, your previous costly computer upgrades and maintenance costs are a figure of the past.
  • Our system frees up your phone system. Your patient billing inquiries are handled in our office by professional and knowledgeable patient account representatives.
  • Our Billing Service recognizes you and your practice as an individual. We customize our service to meet your needs.
  • Our Claims Scrubber identifies denials before the claim ever leaves our office, giving us the advantage of resolving the problem up front. You get paid faster!
  • Hourly employees are paid, no matter what. Our office doesn’t get paid until you get paid.
  • Delayed billing becomes obsolete with our service.
  • Our system is Cloud-Based, all you need is a computer with internet access.

We work closely with your office staff as a team and become an extension of your existing facility.

Teamwork Producing Results!


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