Thinking about the good ole days when your focus was more about the patient and less about the complicated maze of billing?

Losing track of the ever-changing regulations imposed by CMS and other payers?  Frustrated at how long it takes your billing department to sort through everything before finally getting your claim out the door?  Not sure if all your denials are being worked?  Patients complaining at their lack of trust in your billing department? Staff on vacation?

Medical Business Office, Inc. (MBO) is a reputable, trusted and professional Medical Billing Service providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients.  While the core of billing regulations may be the same, the exact needs of each client differs.  MBO understands this and has proven success in partnering with each client and delivering accurate and compliant billing services.

Let MBO work with your patient and their billing issues.  Let MBO answer your patient phone calls.  Let MBO get your claim to the payers electronically (if the payer can accept electronic claims).  Let MBO send out statements to patients and work towards timely reimbursement, on your behalf.  Your patients deserve to be treated in a professional manner, with dignity and respect.  MBO delivers it all!  Claim denials will be reduced, and the remaining will be worked immediately with no wait time.  All data entry, electronic submissions, insurance appeals and patient communication handled on your behalf!

The bonus?  If you don’t get paid, MBO doesn’t get paid!  When is the last time you told your staff their paychecks were on hold until you collected your insurance reimbursement?

Having been in business since 1985 and located in Missouri, our employees are long term.  Since we are not located overseas, there are no language barriers to overcome.

Give us a call today.  573.634.7155.  Let’s talk about what your needs are and how MBO can fill those needs.