When you make that decision to allow Medical Business Office, Inc. (MBO) to join you and your practice, you will immediately feel the relief you were looking for.  YOUR job is to take care of your patients, OUR job is to make sure you get paid for it.

When MBO joins your practice, we will deploy our 30+ years of experience to work for you.  No claim will go unbilled, no denial unworked and certainly no patient question unanswered.

Gone are the days of delayed billing because your staff is on vacation, or out sick, or at a school recital.  We offer expert services at a fraction of the cost of in-house billing.  Save in taxes, benefits, training and continuing education.  GAIN in additional or recovered revenue!

Located in Jefferson City, MO, our office becomes an extension of your office.  We will treat each of your patients with the respect they deserve.  We’ll go to bat for you with the insurance companies and if your service is a payable service, we’ll get it paid.

Want to learn more?  Give Debbie a call at 573.634.7155 and let’s chat about what MBO can do for you!