Recently, I had a panicked office manager call me about ICD.11.  His concern was they’re still working through problems with ICD.10, and now they have to worry about ICD.11?

First thing that came to mind (for me) is why are you “still” having problems with ICD.10?  MBO made the transition seamlessly.  Of course, we prepared extensively and participated in all testing opportunities so as to address any issues before they became a problem.  Tell me again, why are you having problems with ICD.10?

To address concerns about ICD.11, we first need to take a look at the journey to get to ICD.10.  ICD.10 began construction in 1982 and remained in this phase until 1989.  The final approval for ICD.10 came in 1990.  Once approved, ICD.10 wasn’t “live” until 2015.  That’s right, a span of 23 years from the beginning of constructing until the “Go Live” date in 2015.  Now, back to ICD.11.  The constructing of such has been in existance for about 5 years now, but it has a very lengthy process to complete before we (as providers) have to get too serious about it.

MBO, as your professional, established and trusted Medical Billing Service, providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management will stay on top of this and, like ICD.10, we plan to transition seamlessly so that our client can continue to focus on patient care and not be bothered with the fine details of billing.  Not an MBO client?  Give us a call at 573.634.7155 and find out how MBO can take your fears and turn them in to revenue!