Remember when I mentioned, in a previous post, about new Medicare I.D. cards that will be coming out?  Yea, I was afraid maybe it slipped your mind, so today I want to reiterate the importance of this change.

Beginning in April 2018, Medicare will begin issuing new Medicare I.D. cards to all Medicare recipients.  The new cards will have 11 digit alpha-numeric I.D. numbers aimed at fully replacing Social Security numbers from the cards.

This may, or may not, sound like a big deal, but I urge each practice to emphasize the importance of asking each medicare patient for a copy of their new card.  While CMS does plan to have a transition period where they will dually accept the old and/or new policy I.D. numbers, you might as well get ahead in the game and just transition.  But, wait……… is your software billing system ready for this change?  Will you have to pay for this new upgrade?  NOPE, not if you are a client of MBO.

MBO is ready for this change.  As long as we have the new Medicare Policy ID #, we will begin using it right away.

This “small” change has the potential of creating a huge negative impact on your practice revenues if not addressed immediately.  If you simply don’t need an additional burden on your already runneth over plate, let MBO carry the burden for you!  Call us at 573.634.7155.  Tell us what you want, we will show you that we listen!