Are you ready for January 2018 and the CPT changes?  This year you will encounter approximately 314 code changes representing a 35% increase over last year!

Medical Business Office, Inc. (MBO) is an established professional Medical Billing Service providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Services.  Our clients no longer worry about whether or not their in-house billing department is prepared and on top of code changes, bundled coding, PQRS, MIPS and so much more.  WHY?  As your professional Medical Billing Service, the burden of compliance, regulations, coding, certifications, continuing education, insurance appeals and more lay in our office and out of yours!  MBO’s services allow you to take care of the patient, doing what you do best, while we do the rest!

Having been providing this service since 1985, our office simply becomes an extension of your office.  We take the time consuming tasks of billing, appeals, coding, registration, claims filing, billing statements, follow-up, claims denials and patient billing inquiries off your already over-runneth plate.

Payment delays a concern?  MBO guarantees a 98.5% first-pass claims.  This means claims will get to the carrier with 100% accuracy the first filing, resulting in quicker turn around of processing and payment receipt.

Billing delays?  When your in-house billing personnel have to attend conferences, what happens to your billing?  What about any other type of absence from the office?  Everyone gets sick.  Everyone takes a vacation.  Everyone has occasional personal matters taking them from the office.  Is your office set-up so there is back-up billing when your regular billing person is out?  MBO has long-term cross trained employees to ensure in a time of absence, billing continues on without interruption, and no delays.  MBO understands if billing is delayed, then payments are delayed and we’ve put together a system to eliminate billing delays.

Certifications.  Do you pay for all certifications, CEU’s, conferences, exams and supplies for your billing folks?  As a client of MBO, this is an expense completely eliminated.

Reporting.  Doctor want a report that seems impossible to retrieve?  MBO has a robust reporting module designed to extract the most complicated billing data requested.  MBO clients expect nothing less and they get what they request.

The benefits of outsourcing your billing are endless.  MBO would love an opportunity to speak with you about the benefits of letting the professionals handle the very task that will keep your doors open.  Having been providing this service since 1985, we know what it takes to succeed.

Give us a call at 573.634.7155 and let’s discuss in further detail what your needs are and how MBO can help meet those needs.