August 28,2017


Medical Business Office, Inc. is a professional Medical Billing Service providing end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Services for physicians and facilities. While our medcial billing experience, and success, includes Radiology (Professional Component), Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (Global and Technical), Hematology/Oncology and Family Practice, we also think outside the box and offer our clients assistance with their own personal practice management.  Today, we want to remind all our clients of their obligation to inform any/all of their practice health insurance plan participants about the Creditable Coverage Notice.


Creditable Coverage notice is an annual CMS requirement
Deadline for distribution is October 15; second disclosure deadline linked to plan year

Employers have an annual obligation to issue a Creditable Coverage notification to all plan participants who are Medicare eligible, including dependents and retirees. The notice informs Medicare-eligible participants whether their prescription coverage is at least as good as Medicare’s.

The written disclosure notice must be provided before October 15 to all covered Medicare-eligible individuals enrolled in a prescription drug plan. Model notices are available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and are available for download.

Download the Creditable Coverage disclosure form.

Download the Noncreditable Coverage disclosure form.

Most health plans are creditable. If you’re unsure which form to use, please check with your Health Insurance benefits consultant. In the forms, areas for customization are highlighted.

CMS has not made changes to the current model notices, which were released April 1, 2011.

Online disclosure also required
An online disclosure notice requires employers to verify whether the company’s prescription drug coverage is “creditable” or “non-creditable” as defined by CMS. This disclosure requirement must be completed no later than 60 days from the beginning of a plan year.

This is an annual requirement.

For questions, contact MBO at 573.634.7155.  We have been providing Medical Billing Services since 1985.  Give us a call today and let’s discuss how MBO and your practice can join forces to keep you in compliance with the continuing changes and federal regulations.  Join the ranks of our clients that benefit not only from billing and revenue, but also the requirements your office must adhere to, in order to meet your obligation(s).