What a busy time it’s been trying to keep up with CMS and making sure our clients comply!

Radiologists, now that the Place of Service (POS) has been clarified and CMS has officially given all MAC’s additional education on this subject, what have you done to comply with this policy now in force?

  •  When the physicians’s interpretation of a diagnostic test is billed separately from the technical component, as identified by modifier -26, the interpreting physician must report the address and zip code of the interpreting physician’s location on the claim form.  Does this mean if you are doing an interp while sitting at McDonalds waiting on your orange juice that you have to report the address and zip code for McDonalds?

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Or, view the official instruction for CR7631 issued your carrier and/or A/B MAC at:


If you have questions regarding the correct POS code to use, contact your carrier or A/B MAC at their toll-free number, which may be found at:


MBO is prepared to take this burden off your hands!  Let us show you how, together, we can comply with all the rules and regulations AND still provide a valuable service to your patients!


It’s no laughing matter when you look at the 2% pay cut for all Medicare payments effective April 1st!  CMS recently provided MAC’S a FAQ regarding the processing of claims under sequestration, which starts April 1, 2013.  The MAC’S will be posting the FAQ to their website.

A listing of MAC’S and their website/contact information now follows:


It’s simply not feasible to expect your employees to take a cut in their salary, even though you, as the provider, have no choice in your salary.  All MBO clients take solace in knowing their billing agent shares this same cut.  Just another good reason to have MBO billing experts on your side!