News   Updates| September 18, 2013
On October 1, 2014, a key element of the data foundation of   the United States’ health care system will undergo a major transformation. We   will transition from the decades-old Ninth Edition of the International   Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) set of diagnosis and inpatient procedure   codes, to the far more contemporary, vastly larger and much more detailed   Tenth Edition of those code sets—or ICD-10—used by most developed countries   throughout the world.


This transition will have a major operational impact on all   health care entities, including health care practitioners and institutions,   health insurers and other third-party payers, electronic-transaction clearing   houses, hardware and software manufacturers and vendors, billing and   practice-management service providers, health care administrative and oversight   agencies and public and private health care research institutions—that is,   virtually any creator, processor or other user of health care information   that contains a diagnosis and/or in-patient procedure code.

New Online ICD-10 Implementation Guide

The third annual National   Health IT Week is September 16-20. CMS will mark the week by hosting several   webinars and launching new eHealth tools and resources that   help providers participate in eHealth programs.

To help the health care industry prepare   for ICD-10, CMS has developed an online   ICD-10 implementation guide. This web-based tool,   released as part of Health IT Week, includes a basic overview of ICD-10 as   well as step-by-step guidance on how to transition to ICD-10 for small/medium   practices, large practices, small hospitals, and payers. Users can easily   navigate to information that is most relevant to them—wherever they are in   the implementation process. The online guide also includes links to CMS   ICD-10 resources and other tools to help with the ICD-10 transition.

To learn more, check out the Online   ICD-10 Guide.

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